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5 Things To Know About 2020 Holiday Shopping

Thanks to COVID, shopping this holiday season is going to be similar to everything else this year — just plain weird. Because of that, you need to gather those wish lists and get your plan in check sooner rather than later. Here are five things that will help put a little Dasher in your Prancer:

  1. Retailers are looking to boost sales as soon as possible all while keeping safety in mind. That means you should expect to do a whole lot of online shopping. Keep your eyes open for flash sales and early doorbusters. For the most up-to-date info, make sure you follow all your favorite stores on social, subscribe to their emails and have their apps downloaded to your devices.

  2. Many stores that have historically been hot spots for Turkey Day shopping will not be opening their doors that day. Best Buy, Walmart, Target, Dick's Sporting Goods, among others, are taking a pass on the overcrowding that typically comes on Black Friday Eve in their stores. If your tradition is to get stuffed and then shop it off, it's time to come up an alternative activity. We highly suggest napping. Five stars.

  3. Shipping is going to take longer. E-commerce experts are predicting delays and chaos during an already overly busy shipping season. Some are even dubbing it "shipageddon," which doesn't sound good any way you slice it. So if you need to ship anything, plan to do it early.

  4. Inventory may not be replenished quickly. That means, channel your inner-Ariana Grande and lean into her "I want, I bought it" lyric, just this once. But definitely hang onto your receipts in case you need to return your purchase or a better price pops up and you want to try for a price adjustment.

  5. Finding the right gift may take even more creativity this year. Many people like to give (And get!) experiences, which is going to be difficult to achieve with today's restrictions. All the more reason to get those wish lists in hand to see what you're working with!

Don't forget that you could be earning cash back on all your shopping by using your Chiefs Checking or Cashback Free Checking debit cards. A little extra jingle in your pocket never hurt anyone! While the holidays seemed to have come a little early this year, we are here for it. And may we be the first to wish you a happy and prosperous holiday season! 

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