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3 Financial Tips to Consider for Date Night

Valentine’s Day is this month and love is in the air! Recently I shared some of my philosophies about meaningful financial dialogue in relationships. Of course, successful relationships require commitment to spending time together long-term, which is why I’m a big advocate for regular date nights. However, splurging every time isn’t always possible on a budget, so here are my top tips for making the most of time together without overspending. 

1. Be adventurous with dining.

Don’t get me wrong, my husband and I have our favorite spots we love visiting regularly. But that said, there’s something important about trying new things and creating new memories. Kansas City is a culinary hot spot with new and popular eateries coming onto the scene all the time. We also have many neighborhoods across KC with unique vibes, all with restaurants you may have never tried. I recommend coming up with a list of new places to try and hitting up a new spot monthly.

Check the prices up front and if the menu has more expensive entrees, consider sharing a meal. It costs less and you still get to experience something new together. When we get full meals, we typically have to take home leftover anyways! 

2. Get active.

One of the most affordable ways to enjoy time with your significant other is to spend time outdoors! Nature is free, and anytime you can make it outdoors for a hike, walk, visit to the dog park, or even just enjoying a new trail, do so! It’s a great way to work off your meal and get some time in!

3. Don't forget about sitter costs.

This is one that has bitten me before- forgetting to include sitter costs in the budget! We don’t always need to use a sitter, as we’re lucky to have childcare support sometimes. However, when we do, it certainly impacts our night out. For evenings when we do need a sitter, choose a destination on the more affordable side.

I can’t advocate enough for the value of date night, and let me tell you, the most fun I’ve had hasn’t been at fancy dinners or formal outings. It’s laughing over a burger and doing something active. Get your 2020 date nights on the books today, and with these tips, you’ll be having so much fun while sticking to your budget!

Kat’s Money Corner is posted in the Kansas City Star every week. Kat Hnatyshyn, when not blogging or caring for her little ones, is a manager with CommunityAmerica Credit Union. For more financial chatter, follow us on Twitter @CommunityAmerCU.


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