4 Reasons to Do a Relationship Review

At CommunityAmerica, we’re so invested in our members that we want to be a part of your financial journey alongside you. The more you share your goals with us, the better we can give you ideas on how to meet them. Which is why we offer relationship reviews. 

Meet with us to make a game plan and learn about what we have to offer that you may be surprised by! Here are a few reasons why this would be an excellent use of 15 minutes of your time: 

We’re unbiased.

Our team isn’t trying to meet any certain quota by doing a grand sales pitch of stuff you don’t need. Our goal is to get you what you need.

For instance, did you know members can get free consultation on planning and saving for college? But if you’re not in that season of life, that’s not what we’ll share with you.

It’s our intention to make sure you get the information that will set you personally up for success. So we’re going to share products and paths with you that can do just that.

We’re informed.

There’s so much to keep track of on what’s offered at what rate and what term—it’s a full-time job. Our full-time job. Instead of you going through our entire website—although we admit that would be pretty flattering—we’ll share with you on a need-to-know basis. After all, if you’re not in the market for a house, it doesn’t really matter that our mortgage rates are competitively low (even though they are). So we’ll stick to the stuff you need.

We’re invested.

In case you hadn’t noticed, we have sort of a family vibe going on here. There’s a reason “community” is in our name. It’s because your success is our success. 

If we are able to help you get to a place where you can buy a car, you may remember us when it’s time to buy a house. Or tell your friends so they can get new opportunities too. That’s more people we’re able to help in the local KC community.

And the more people we help in the community, the stronger we all get. It’s just basic math. And we love math. 

We’re friendly.

Not to pat our own backs, but we like to think we’re a pretty nice bunch. We love what we do, so getting to sit down and share our expertise with you is really exciting for us. 

And the fact that it can help you move toward your goals is literally the reason we come to work every day. It’s a win-win for us. We’ll even give you a cookie and a cup of coffee if you want.

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Cara at CommunityAmerica

Hi Larry! That's certainly not the experience we want you to have with our advisors. Please give us a call at 913.905.7000 so we can learn more about what's going on. Thanks!

Larry Shipp

I love CACU. Not so much your financial advising arm. It's a real drag on the customer relationship experience.
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