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5 Tips to ‘Sleigh’ Your Holiday Shopping

 If you’re ready to sleigh this holiday season, we’ve got tips to make it happen.

 1. Give — and get a little something in return.

You already know you’re going to be spending money this holiday season. Before you start purchasing, make sure you know where you stand on your purchasing power. Does your checking account offer cash back? Can you get a discount on Chiefs gear for that diehard fan in the fam? Will you earn reward points if you use a credit card? A little planning now can pay off later.

2. Protect your bank account when shopping online.

The likelihood is pretty high you’ll be buying a gift or two online. We encourage you to use caution on all sites and, to be extra safe, make your website purchases using a credit card. Should your credit card information be compromised, your bank account won’t be impacted. Here’s one of our favorite credit cards and it just happens to have a special offer right now.

3. Don’t get denied at checkout.

If you are in high gear with your buying over a short period of time, there is a slight chance your account could be flagged for fraud. The fix is quick – just call the “if lost or stolen” number on the back of your card. You’ll receive help right away from the 24/7 care team, getting you back to shopping ASAP.

4. Channel your inner Santa. 

Make a list, check it twice, and then set a dollar amount you’re willing to spend on each person, whether naughty or nice. The trick is to stick to it! Take a trip down Memory Lane to recall last minute gifts from 2018 - teaching aides, coaches, donations, etc. These thoughtful extras can really add up, so planning for them now is key. Bonus tip: Make a note in your phone of what you bought for each person so that you don’t forget or overbuy! 

5. Start saving now for next year.

We know that the desire to make the holiday season special is important. That’s exactly why we created a Holiday Savings account. This account is free for members to open and you can set up automatic deposits. On November 1, the balance is transferred into your savings or checking account so you can begin the holidays with confidence.

We hope these tips help you in your 2019 shopping adventure, making this the happiest holiday yet.


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