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Celebrate the Big Game on a Dime

When it comes to celebrating the big football game coming up, affordability is not often an associated topic. However, my philosophy is that all big life moments can be celebrated within your budget with a bit of forward thinking and planning. This week, I’m sharing my top tips for celebrating the big game on a dime:

Watch Party

Potlucks are where it’s at if you’re looking to enjoy the game affordably. Although sports restaurants have an exciting energy, it can get pricey and it’s easy to lose sight of how much you’re spending when you’re mentally in the game. If you’re hosting at home, offer to make the protein and ask guests to bring the sides. Hosts often think they have to prepare an entire meal, and then when guests contribute sides it ends up being way too much food and some sunken cost. If you end up going out, many restaurants will be offering up food and beverage discounts, so be sure to take advantage!


This is a tough one because merchandise is flying off the racks at sports apparel stores right now. However, if you aren’t married to the idea of a specific Championship shirt, some places are still offering other sports gear at a discount to attract customers. Check out the deals available- with an open mind this could end up being a great time to gear up for the game! 


Entertainment isn’t hard to come by when watching an exciting football game, but guests love to go in on guessing specific game scores, winning teams, and even down to specific plays. If you’re at a gathering and would rather not spend a ton, go in as a couple if you’re with someone else. Or, keep the stakes low- $1 or $5 each.

Enjoying the game affordably isn’t always easy when fandom and hype is at an all-time high, but you don’t have to miss out on all the fun if you’re on a budget. With a bit of planning and a commitment to making it happen, you’ll be having a blast right alongside the big spenders next Sunday!

Kat’s Money Corner is posted in the Kansas City Star every week. Kat Hnatyshyn, when not blogging or caring for her little ones, is a manager with CommunityAmerica Credit Union. For more financial chatter, follow us on Twitter @CommunityAmerCU.


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