Checking Accounts

The best checking accounts, no matter what you choose.

All our credit union checking accounts are designed to fit the different needs of different members.

Sure, it might sound a little overconfident, but you know what they say — if you've got it, flaunt it. And from extra perks to member-ownership, our checking account services have got it goin' on. All our credit union checking accounts are designed to fit the different needs of different members.

It’s time to do some comparison shopping. Use the chart below to compare each of our accounts and find the one that best fits your needs. But don’t stop there. Compare our offerings to a bank. That’s right. We said it. Compare our checking accounts with any bank that’s willing to give you all the details, stealth fees and all.

Go ahead. We’ll wait.

Overdraft Transfer Protection* Yes Yes Yes
FREE Online Bill Pay Yes Yes Yes
FREE Mobile Banking Yes Yes Yes
FREE Notary Service Yes Yes Yes
ACH/Direct Deposit Yes Yes Yes
Interest Rate None.05% APY**.05% APY**
FREE Standard Checks No No Yes
FREE Standard Safe Deposit Box No No Yes
FREE Money Orders No No Yes
FREE Official Checks No No Yes
Debit Card Standard VISA® Standard VISA® VISA® Rewards
Minimum Balance Required to Waive Monthly Service Charge NoneAverage daily balance of $1,000 in checking $20,000 in total loans/savings

Back already, huh? Good. Guess you found that our accounts do more than just hold up; they exceed expectations.

And here’s a bonus that’s beyond compare — what it feels like to be treated like a member. Joining our credit union can be the beginning of a journey to financial freedom. Because we don’t just look out for the money in your account — we look out for you. Yep. All of that starts from the humble beginnings of a simple credit union checking account.

So now that you’ve narrowed it down to the good people at our credit union, compare the checking accounts we offer. And just to help, we’ve put together this checking account chart so you easily compare and find the checking that best fits you. We’re pretty sure you can’t miss.

*Read more about Regulation D
**APY = ANNUAL PERCENTAGE YIELD. Assumes that dividends are reinvested and that the rate continues for a year. All savings accounts, checking accounts and IRA savings accounts compound dividends daily and pay monthly. Rate quotes are subject to weekly change.

Free Checking

Do you like a whole lot of free with an extra side of free? Well, you’re in luck.

Our Free Checking is free of worries, excessive charges and monthly fees.

Interest Checking

If you have a substantial balance - and want the earning power that goes along with it - Interest Checking is your best bet.

Premier Checking

This checking account is reserved for our highly engaged members — who deserve highly coveted features and benefits.

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