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Dressing Up Your Workspace

In the life of the average American, nearly 90,000 hours will be spent at your desk. It seems fair that you take a few of them to make it a space that you’ll enjoy spending that much time at! It’s not corner offices or expensive furniture that make a workspace impressive—in fact, you can make it more like a home away from home on a budget.


Adding frames to everything on your walls will add instant class. Frames are an easy accessory because you can find them at a discount store or your favorite outlet, and they’ll all serve the same function. It’s also a clever solution to hanging up kids’ artwork without sacrificing the décor and professionalism.

Organizing bins

Add like-size bins to your desk, shelves, or window sill for paperwork, miscellaneous office accessories or personal effects. You can buy trays, or DIY old cardboard boxes—like those ones from online shopping that may be lying around—into stylish bins with contact paper, paint or wrapped rope. Add labels like “to do,” “in progress” and “done” to make them functional for process, too.

Let there be light

Since you’ve more than likely got fluorescent lights over your head, a lamp may not be the first piece of décor that comes to mind. But adding your own glow to your space will add a cozy, comfortable quality. Light also promotes better attitudes and more productivity. 


Surround yourself with low maintenance greenery to boost your energy, improve air quality, and add life to your space. Succulents and cacti are great office plants that require low impact care but will brighten up your office and your days. As an added bonus, certain studies suggest plants reduce sick days! 

The trick to a well-designed, budget-friendly workspace—whether it’s a hard-walled office, your home computer room, or a cube in a sea of others—is to combine style and function. For instance, a calendar is a must-have, but you can also choose one that will act as a stylish statement. Keeping that in mind means you get more out of everything in the office.

Kat’s Money Corner is posted in the Kansas City Star every week. Kat Hnatyshyn, when not blogging or caring for her little ones, is a manager with CommunityAmerica Credit Union. For more financial chatter, follow us on Twitter @CommunityAmerCU.


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