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Ginter Reflects with on Stepping into CEO Role

Lisa Ginter recently caught up with and explained how she transitioned into her CEO role at CommunityAmerica. Ginter took over for former CommunityAmerica CEO Dennis Pierce on March 1, 2015. Pierce was the CEO from 1998-2015. Ginter reflected on how she addressed the hundreds of CommunityAmerica employees in a state of the credit union address shortly after her transition from COO to CEO.

“I told them that this was a change, and there would be more,” Ginter said in the article. “But that what wasn’t going to change was our credit union’s beating heart. We are a people-driven organization that serves to make an impact in our members’ lives.”

Ginter also shared insight on organizing her team, conducting her annual Lisa Roadshows, and three tips she would offer other new CEOs stepping into a similar situation.

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