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Savin’ Maven Reflects on Days as Chiefs Cheerleader

When it was announced that CommunityAmerica is a Proud Partner of the Kansas City Chiefs, no one was more excited than our own Savin’ Maven Missy Agee. Why? Because from 2001 to the beginning of 2004, Missy rocked her red and gold as an official Chiefs Cheerleader. We had ourselves a little chat to get the inside scoop on what it's really like to hit the field at Arrowhead.

What inspired you to become a Chiefs cheerleader?

I was born and raised in Kansas City. It’s a city I love and am thankful to call home. I’ve lived in almost every corridor of the city and grew up watching the Chiefs play each Sunday. I’ve also spent years dancing and performing. So when the opportunity arose to audition for the squad, it made perfect sense. I was ecstatic to cheer on a team I believed in and perform for a city that supports their teams like no other!

CommunityAmerica Savin' Maven Missy Agee

What was your reaction when you found out CommunityAmerica was becoming a major partner of the Chiefs? 

Embarrassing as this is, I actually did a little cheer to myself. There are no two better organizations that embrace Kansas City — and I should know because I’ve been part of both!

Arrowhead is the loudest stadium in the world. What was it like to be on the field during a game?

Game Day is when all of Kansas City really comes together. It was absolutely heart pounding to be on the field at Arrowhead, hearing 80,000 cheering fans all rooting for a win from our boys in red. There were moments when we would take the field and the crowd cheered so loud that it literally took my breath away.

What was the most intense game you ever cheered for?

My very last game on the squad was actually the AFC playoffs, which was played at Arrowhead on January 11, 2004. Trent Green led the Chiefs against Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts. I vividly remember when Dante Hall, our “X Factor,” ran a kickoff return back for a 92-yard touchdown in the second quarter. The crowd went CRAZY – even for Chiefs fans! While we ended up losing 38-31, the game was incredible and something I will never, ever forget.

Did you develop lasting friendships? 

The friends I made with my fellow squad members are ones that I am certain will last until we are little old ladies cheering from the stands with our Chiefs’ earrings and red sweaters.

Do you have any memories that make you chuckle?

Before taking the field to cheer on the starting players as they made their big tunnel enterance, the cheerleaders huddled at the 50-yard line. We would stretch, give each other words of encouragement, and try to stay out of the way as the other (HUGE) players would walk by decked out in their full pads. There was one day I was stretching my hamstrings before a game and one of the players stopped and exclaimed, “How do you do that?!” I just remember thinking how funny it was that he wanted some "coaching" from a cheerleader on improving his flexibility. Players may have the speed, but cheerleaders really bring it in the flexibility category.

It seems like the Kansas City community played a large role in your Chiefs experience. Can you talk about that a little more?

The Chiefs organization and the Hunt family are kind, genuine, and driven people that really care about our community. Not only do they aspire to build a team that this great city can be proud to support, but they strive to have an organization dedicated to returning the love in more than just wins. Every cheerleader took time from their full-time careers or education to volunteer within the community. I still volunteer at some of the same organizations through CommunityAmerica, so I’m thankful to keep that going.

CommunityAmerica Savin' Maven Missy Agee

What is your greatest takeaway from your time with the Chiefs?  

Through my three seasons as a Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleader, I learned that positivity is contagious and you can be your own biggest cheerleader. Find something you believe in — a team, a cause, yourself — and give it a go! Give it your all!

Do you think your time with the Chiefs helped prepare you for your role at CommunityAmerica?

Absolutely! I learned how having compassion for others and garnering team support results in greater success. You cannot win without your team and your team cannot win without you. The Chiefs hit obstacles and challenges during those years, but fans stuck with them and they rallied together. At CommunityAmerica we are here for our members, through the good times and the bad times, to help them achieve financial success. We brainstorm creative solutions and we look for alternatives to help. Our members are not just another number, but a person with a story. We want our members to take pride in their financial position as much as we take pride in our Chiefs.

CommunityAmerica Savin' Maven Missy Agee is professional, polished and one of the biggest not-so-secret bargain shoppers north of the river. She is also willing to roll up her sleeves and save the old fashioned way, making her own laundry detergent and shampoo at a fraction of the cost. 


Eric @CommunityAmerica

Hey Walter, no problem! We appreciate you sharing your comment and glad you enjoyed the blog post. Missy has some awesome experience with the Chiefs. Hoping for a W this weekend!


Thanks for sharing those valuable life lessons. Especially about compassion garnering success for any team or group.
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