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Resources to Help You Manage Your Money

Whether you're a committed budget tracker, or perhaps recently added getting organized financially to your list of to-dos for the new year, we're here to help make money management a little easier. Our online tools and resources can assist you with a variety of financial tasks, from tracking spending and controlling card usage, to breaking down calculations and planning for the future.

Financial Calculators

Struggling with financial arithmetic? Odds are, we have a calculator for that. Understanding how variables such as rates, terms and inflation can affect your financial decision making can seem complicated. Which is why we offer more than 60 different financial calculators to help you make sense of the numbers. Simply plug in your information to test various scenarios that cover a broad range of topics including loans, credit cards, insurance, savings, retirement, college planning and more. You can check out all of our calculators here.

Money Management

If you're enrolled in our online banking, you have an easier, more interactive way to manage your finances right at your fingertips: Money Management. This unique tool helps you plan for your financial future with a visual approach that enables you to see:

  • Accounts - View all of your accounts, including those at other financial institutions, in one handy snapshot.
  • Budgets - Vibrant interactive charts help you visually understand the health of your budgets.
  • Spending - Every transaction is automatically categorized to show you where and how you spend your money.
  • Goal Progress - Observe and analyze trends over time to track goal achievement, such as following your net worth or paying down debt.

Find out more about Money Management here, or simply log in to online banking to get started. Not enrolled in online banking? It’s super quick.

CardValet® App

It’s a mobile app that allows you to take control of your CommunityAmerica debit and credit cards. CardValet offers perks for both added security and money management, enabling you to keep a watchful eye on your accounts and track spending. Know exactly when, where and how your cards are being used with features that allow you to:

  • See transactions in real time with instant alerts.
  • Turn payments on or off, which is handy when you can’t locate your card.
  • Set a location (geographic) boundary where the card can be used.
  • Restrict card use to certain types of business. (Enable grocery store purchases while turning off restaurants, for example.)
  • Curb spending by setting a purchase amount limit.

Download CardValet to start managing your cards on the go.

Empower Blog

Additionally, you can follow along for more in-depth discussions of financial topics right here on our Empower Blog. With quick tips, lifestyle posts and coverage of more complex subjects like life insurance and home equity, you can read more about what interests you by using the checkboxes on the left-hand side of the blog home page to filter by category. 

And offline, our friendly teammates are always here to help, too. You can find all the ways to get in touch with us here.

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