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How to Safely Give Back This Holiday Season

For many families, the approaching holiday season is a time to give back and help others. This year is going to look a little different due to the pandemic, but there are still ways we can uplift our communities and contribute. Many companies, organizations and families have shared traditions on giving back seasonally, and you may be wondering how you are going to keep those traditions alive safely. Here are some tips on preserving your give-back pastimes this holiday season:

Be Informed

Although they may look a little different, most organizations around the city are still putting on their traditional events in some form. Organizations like Harvesters, Operation Breakthrough, Ronald McDonald House, and others are constantly updating their websites with their holiday plans. If you have a tradition of helping a certain organization throughout the holiday season, they most likely have a plan in place. A simple Google search can show how your favorite organization planned adjustments this year.


Donate, donate, donate! Whether it is clothes, food, money, or toys — any donation goes a long way, especially after the year we have all had. You may be used to large-scale, in-person drives where everyone brings in items to donate to certain organizations. If you are now hesitant to go volunteer somewhere in a group, there are still many options! A lot of organizations are still collecting donations with drop-off locations that do not require any face-to-face interaction. This may even be through Amazon wish lists of needed supplies they are wanting to collect, or online/mailed monetary donations. Again, just check in with your favorite organization’s website for updates on how you can make a difference.

Spread the Word

There is a lot of uncertainty about how the holiday season will play out this year, and now is the perfect time to give back if you are able. You can absolutely find a new way to get involved and be the one to advocate and spread the word to those around you. This alone is a form of giving back. Our community needs more support than ever, so every helping hand makes a huge difference. Get your family, friends, neighborhood and community involved, and you will be surprised at the collective holiday cheer you can spread!

Luckily, the spirit of giving remains unchanged no matter the circumstances. Please be informed, donate, and spread the word, and you can make this holiday season one to celebrate for so many families across our metro.

Kat’s Money Corner is posted in the Kansas City Star every week. Kat Hnatyshyn, when not blogging or caring for her little ones, is a manager with CommunityAmerica Credit Union. For more financial chatter, follow us on Twitter @CommunityAmerCU.

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