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5 Ways to Stay Connected Virtually During COVID-19

Quarantine Life is certainly unlike anything we've experienced before. One silver lining is that thanks to technology, we're never really alone. With the help of video chat, we have the ability to connect with each other, whether they are across the street or across the ocean. Here are five ways people of all ages can put a new tech-forward spin on old classics: 

1. Bingo

There's nothing better than the anticipation of screaming "BINGO!" at the top of your lungs! Turns out, that excitement can still live on, even if you're not technically in the same room. Everyone will need to have their own cards, whether printed off at home or distributed by a door drop off. A quick internet search will help you find an automated Bingo caller — and off you go! Prizes optional, fun a given.

2. Baking

When gathering with friends and family, most of the time the hub of it all happens to be in the kitchen. Well, that doesn't need to change just because you can't physically be together. Hold a version of your own Great Quarantine Bake Off in a few different ways:

  • Share a favorite recipe and then enjoy making it together. You'll first need to send the recipe in advance so anyone participating can be sure to have all ingredients on hand.
  • Challenge each participant to cook something using only three or five ingredients they already have on hand.
  • Decorate a baked good and see whose creation turns out best. You can set the challenge by finding an inspo picture for everyone to try to recreate or just let your own personal visions come to life! 

3. Talent Show 

Don't let your passion for weekend karaoke go to waste. Organize a talent show where each family or participant performs their hidden, or not-so-hidden, skills. This is the perfect outlet to showcase Dad Jokes, dance moves, or past-life flute skills. Consider preparing two routines, just in case there is a fierce head-to-head to determine the winner.

4. Interactive Games

Trivia. Charades. Headbanz. Pictionary. Simon Says. All of these games can be played via video chat and altered to fit the audience. The approach to playing is up to you: create your own topics or categories prior to playing, agree on a certain game everyone has on hand, or do a quick online search to uncover resources — especially when it comes to trivia questions!

5. Board and Card Games

Long distance chess games are a real possibility, thanks to video chat. And games like Battleship can see an uptick in the level of fun because there is actual distance between the players. Sounds like a whole new way to make Monopoly last even longer than it already does! You can also choose to try your favorite card game. While for some games it may work better if all parties playing own whatever is selected, other games to try are Apples to Apples, Cards Against Humanity, or even good old Blackjack.

So, in a nutshell, you can make almost anything work with the right amount of creativity and a good internet connection. See this as an opportunity to find new ways to deepen your relationships, and plan to keep the good times going once we can all be closer than 6 feet again. Until then… marathon Monopoly game, anyone? 


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