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Time Management Tips to Help Your Budget

These days it seems we’re short on a lot of things, but at the top of that list for many is probably time. Those who excel at time management are probably doing far better these days than those that don’t, and this is a pain point for many people. You might be wondering why I’m bringing this topic up in a financial blog, but I’ve found that the root cause of many budget overages is a lack of time or convenience. This week I’m going to share my top tips for saving time and money.

Meal Prep

Meal Prep at the Hnatyshyn household is a regular part of our weekly routine, along with things like cleaning and laundry. And, there’s a big reason why it’s so important to us. With a busy schedule, it’s far too easy to grab food on the run when time seems to be slipping by. If your kids are home more due to virtual learning, this also goes a long way in managing your grocery bill. Take some time on the weekend to plan your grocery list and write meals and snacks down on chalk or another visible board in your home. I recommend an approved snack drawer so your kids know not to raid the cabinet during the day. Lastly, consider making and freezing meals ahead of time for sports nights. That was when you do treat yourself to a meal out of carry out, it’s a fun splurge vs. a necessity.

Clothes Shopping Schedule

As we enter the cold weather season, it’s another good reminder that shopping off-season is the best way to maintain family wardrobes throughout the year. It also saves a tremendous amount of time because you won’t have to rush into stores or track online offerings if you plan for what you need in advance. Mid-season, take stock of what you will need for following year. Then, when that season approached, load your cart up and wait for end of season sales. Convenient and budget friendly.

Budget Apps

I remember the days of collecting receipts and spending hours pouring over the budget each week. Now, it couldn’t be easier to track expenses against budget with apps like Mint. This is also a great way to track and ensure any purchases hitting your cards are legitimate and fraud can be detected immediately. Budget apps are a huge time saver and allows everyone to take stock of where household finances sit before that next swipe.

Time is of the essence these days, but you don’t have to let your lack of it ruin your budget. I hope these tips serve as a helpful reminder for how you can make some helpful — and fruitful — changes.

Kat’s Money Corner is posted in the Kansas City Star every week. Kat Hnatyshyn, when not blogging or caring for her little ones, is a manager with CommunityAmerica Credit Union. For more financial chatter, follow us on Twitter @CommunityAmerCU.

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