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Exciting Updates for Your CommunityAmerica Debit and Credit Cards

Hold onto your sleigh bells. The holiday shopping season has arrived — and so have new upgrades to your CommunityAmerica credit and debit cards. Prepare yourself for additions that will make this the smoothest and most convenient gift giving season yet!


CardValet | CommunityAmerica Credit Union

We’d like to introduce you to an app that will change the way you use your CommunityAmerica cards, CardValet. Your card belongs to you, so you should be the one to set the rules, right? Right! Control exactly when and where your cards are used. See all the ways you can monitor and control the use of your CommunityAmerica debit and credit cards:

  • Real time alerts. You can elect to receive notifications when transactions occur. Know right away if someone else is trying to buy $47 worth of clown makeup with your card.
  • Turn payments on or off.  This time when you misplace your card, you don’t have to have to suffer a mild panic attack. Simply use your CardValet app to turn your card off until that sucker shows up again. In the event something more sinister happens, like a theft, you have the ability to protect your money immediately with the tap of your finger. Another option is to leave your card “off” and only turn it “on” when (and where!) you want to use it.
  • Set boundaries. Using your phone’s GPS as a marker of your location, you can set geographic boundaries. Rest assured if you’re in Kansas City, your card wouldn’t be out having a good time without you in St. Louis.
  • Set spending limits. Curb spending by setting a purchase amount limit. Or perhaps incorporate it in your parenting tactics. Not that any of us have kids that might spend more than they were allotted, but let’s say, hypothetically, you did. Before handing your card over to Taylor to buy some shoes, pop a $55 limit into CardValet. If Taylor tries to spend more than $55, the transaction will be denied. We’d call that a major parenting win.

Learn More About CardValet 

Samsung and Apple Pay®

Samsung and Apple Pay | CommunityAmerica Credit Union

Bring your digital wallet shopping this year to make secure payments. While Apple Pay has been part of CommunityAmerica for two years, Samsung Pay is now keeping it company. This new addition works on a wide variety of Samsung and Android phones and is accepted worldwide. Check out the additional benefits:

  • No pesky physical wallet or card to keep track of. You just need your phone — and we’re pretty confident you have it next to you right now.
  • Extra layers of security to reduce the possibility of fraud.
  • Ability to enable on your smartwatch. 

Learn More About Samsung Pay

Learn More About Apple Pay

Your Game Plan

While your shopping game may be strong, take it to the next level. Here’s your to do list:

  1. Download CardValet, set up your CommunityAmerica cards, and begin to customize.
  2. Download Apple Pay or Samsung Pay and make sure your CommunityAmerica cards are in the top position. 

Maybe it’s the eggnog talking, but these new updates have us more excited for the holiday season than usual. Cheers, may you find the best deals and, most of all, happiest of holidays!


Erin @ CommunityAmerica

Hey TJ! Part of our commitment to convenience is regularly evaluating our products and services. Google Pay is a service we continue to look into. We'll members know ASAP if there are any updates or potential announcements on progress. :) -Erin at CommunityAmerica


I would really love to be able to use Google pay.

Cara at CommunityAmerica

Hi Dennis! We are always evaluating our products and services. I can tell you that Google Pay is one that we continue to look into. If (and hopefully when!) we get it, we'll be sure to let our members know ASAP. Thanks! -Cara at CommunityAmerica

Dennis Davidson

I see a number of questions about adding Google Pay but no responses from anyone at CACU. Please respond and let us know if/when you will be adding Google Pay.

Tom Seevers

Google Pay.... We are at 2000+ banks and credit unions in the US and still not at Community America! I love my Credit Union but I really want this service!!! Please can you let us know an update to where we are with this service?

Jesse Hughes

Any update on Google pay? It's kinda sad at this point that over 2000 banking instutions have this and you don't.


I used Samsung Pay with CACU when I had a Samsung device. Waiting for some of the same love with Android devices without Samsung Pay (a la Google Pay). Love CACU, best bank around!


With over 1600 banks/credit unions already participating including many smaller than CACU, I'm surprised Google Pay isn't yet an option. Please keep working on this as it's one of the downsides to banking with CACU at the moment.

Tara @ CommunityAmerica

Hey Mike! We are continuing to pursue adding GooglePay. If we are able to do so, we will get the word out ASAP. Thanks! ~ Tara


We need Google Pay! I don't have a Samsung or Apple phone.


Google pay please?

Ryan Mattison

Thanks so much for the update Tara @ CommunityAmerica! Glad to hear it's still being explored as an option

Tara @ CommunityAmerica

Hi Ryan! At the time this post was written in November of 2017, Android Pay (now Google Pay) was a no-go. And while Google Pay is not something that we currently offer, we are continuing to pursue adding the service. If we are able to do so, we will get the word out ASAP. Thanks! ~ Tara

Ryan Mattison

So according to Eric @CommunityAmerica there is no expected support for Android pay? Is that correct?

Cameron Eddy

Android pay would be much more helpful than Samsung pay. Samsung is not my fav.


Please add Google pay.


There's quite a few of us that are waiting for Android Pay support. Not all Android users are using Samsung, in fact some of us really don't like Samsung.


What about the rest of the Android users that do not have Samsung phones?

Jeff Hearrell

Android pay needs to be added, like all other banks. Samsung pay has a major security flaw that allows cards to be skimmed.

Eric @CommunityAmerica

Hey Jason, Scott and Josh, thanks for reaching out. While we will not be offering Android Pay, we hope that Samsung Pay will be a solution for you. It is available on the following devices: Galaxy Note8, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S6 edge+, Galaxy Note5, Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy S6 active, Galaxy S6, Gear S2 (with NFC only) and Gear S3. For the most up-to-date list of compatible devices, check out samsung.com/pay.



Where is Android pay???


I second that, "Where is Android Pay?"


Can we get android pay?
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