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What Should I Invest In?

In this video blog, CommunityAmerica Financial Planner Taylor explains how to invest your money:

In this video blog, Financial Planner Taylor explains how to invest your money.

Claude: Hi, I’m Claude. This is Taylor, and we’re with CommunityAmerica. And today, we’re talking about Financial Planning. Taylor, I know I want to invest but I have no idea what I want to invest in. How do you think about that?

Taylor: Well that’s what Financial Advisors are for! But we’re going to start with, before we even talk about what to invest in, we’re going to talk about what are your goals. Is it retirement? Is it college savings? Whatever it may be.

And then we’re going to talk about your risk tolerance. How do you handle risk? Are you super young and have a, you know, high risk tolerance and you can handle it, or are you closer to retirement and need to ease back? 

From there, once we get those two items decided, we’re then going to talk about what’s the best portfolio for you. When we say portfolio, it’s typically going to be a combination between stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, different things like that that fit your needs.

So you don’t necessarily need to worry about the investments. I would say you need to think about your goals for investing and we’ll help you get there. 

Claude: Great, thank you. 

Taylor: You’re welcome!

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