Chris Ward

Chris Ward currently serves as a Financial Relationship Consultant at CommunityAmerica Credit Union. In his position, Chris strives to help members understand the financial basics. He is very passionate about financial literacy because he, like a lot of people, did not grow up learning the basic fundamentals of money. He excels in working with members to answer questions, provide guidance, and discover what products and services they need to put them on a path to achieve financial peace of mind. Chris takes great pride in his work and truly believes that there is nothing more rewarding than helping members better themselves and their financial situations, ultimately setting them up for success. His favorite aspect of the job is meeting with members who may not know where they are at financially, helping them build their credit, and supporting them on their mission to meeting their financial goals – like purchasing a home or saving for retirement.

Chris grew up in Chillicothe, MO, but considers himself a Kansas City native as this is the city where he truly found himself and began his life. He met his wife, Mary, in Kansas City and they now have a daughter named Scarlett and another baby on the way.

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