Fraud Prevention Tools

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Make Sure Your Hard Work Is Protected

In our digital world, fraud is a bigger threat than ever. We have security measures in place across all of our platforms to help keep you and your business safe.


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Fraud Prevention Tools

Security you can count on.

Dual Approval Available: To ensure protection from fraud, you can require users to get secondary authorization from another user before a transaction is approved. Our mobile platform enables the selected users to continue working and managing from anywhere, including authorizing transactions.

Positive Pay: Positive Pay ensures a check’s payee and amount have not been altered by matching the ledger and scanned checks for accuracy. In the case of a discrepancy, you can choose how to be notified, so you can take the necessary steps to correct the problem.

ACH Positive Pay: This online fraud mitigation service allows you to manage ACH debits and credits posting to your business account via filters and blocks.

User Management Tools: Different team members have different access and authority levels in your business. Now you have the power to mirror those roles in your Online Banking platform. Grant individual users permission at every level. You control which accounts they can see, as well as the dollar amounts they can approve, accept or transfer – all with just a few clicks.

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