Rina Mehta

Helping individuals and families succeed in their financial planning goals is my number one goal. I want to deliver personalized financial planning to work through every stage of life whether that’s saving for retirement, working through a loss of a loved one, income planning, or planning to buy a home. Ideally, I hope I help you to sleep better at night without the stress of your financial future.

“I view you as the CEO and I’m the CFO. I want to accomplish your financial goals like it’s your own business.”

I start by designing a holistic wealth management plan for your future. We review your plans periodically and as your life changes. I want to build long term relationships for you and your legacy. I love helping people and plan to be the advisor that sees you through the good and the difficult times.


As a woman who’s a first-generation American, not only have I been through a culture curve with my parents raised in India, but I’ve also experienced some hardships in my life. During those hard times, I wish I had a financial advisor to lean on for my own finances and for my widowed mother. Educating and helping people succeed is a personal goal for me.


I studied at Mizzou before graduating from Avila University. I come from a background of business owners and helped my parents run several businesses. I’ve been in multiple segments of the financial industry for over ten years with approximately five years in the banking industry and five years in the investment industry.


I live in the Lee’s Summit area with my blended family that includes my partner, Matt, and three kids. In my spare time, I love spending quality time with my family, whether that be fishing with my son, going on vacations, or getting a good boot camp and boxing workout in.


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