Tysyn Hartman

As a two-year captain for the Kansas State University football team and my time playing for the Kansas City Chiefs, Tysyn has that learned success is accomplished by having a game plan you believe in – one that stays flexible so as life changes, the plan changes with you.

Whether your goals include preparing for milestone life events like retirement or college planning, or whether you’re simply looking for investment & insurance solutions, he is committed to providing you the level of attention, insight and engagement that you need to help guide you toward your financial peace of mind.

Tysyn is passionate about helping clients understand the “why” to their plans. He focuses on education as a way to give back to Kansas City, including being on the advisory board for Teach for America.

Tysyn and his wife Sarah live in Overland Park with their two golden retrievers, Gibson & Birdie. From sporting events to parks and restaurants, they love taking in everything Kansas City has to offer.

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