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February 11, 2020

Sellers: Getting Ready for Spring Home-Buying Season


There’s still some time before we experience the warmth that comes with spring, but if you’re in the market to buy or sell a home during the upcoming home-buying season, it’s expected to be a very hot market. If you’re selling, below are a few simple and affordable things you can do now to get your property ready. Next week, I’ll share some tips on buying in this market.

Consult an Expert

I've heard nothing but positive experiences from people who have had a real estate agent or other qualified professional walk through their space ahead of listing. This can provide a wealth of knowledge about how to properly stage your home and can also help you identify potential inspection concerns you can address now. Typically, agents request a walk-through anyways, but if you do it further in advance you have more time to troubleshoot and prepare your home for listing.

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is important for every property and is something you can DIY. If you’re looking to sell, a last-minute investment in landscaping may not be the best choice since you soon won’t occupy the space. Luckily, you can accomplish a lot with bright potted plants and some external paint touch-ups. Taking the time to trim trees, repair stair railings, fill in your mulch, and add some inexpensive furniture and inviting door mat to make it homey.

Damage Control

We can be rough on our homes, especially if you have small children, pets or both. This includes things like scratched baseboards, nail holes, chipped cabinetry, carpet stains, etc. This type of damage is minor and can easily be fixed by the buyer, but you want to put your best foot forward. The reason is, if your buyer is considering whether your asking price is worth it, the pristine condition of the home might just be the decision tipping point.


While we’re on the topic, while pets are always caged during showings, barking can be a distraction while trying to tour a space. It can make prospects leave early just because they want to discuss their thoughts in a quiet place, or they may rush through the showing without much consideration. If it’s financially feasible, consider adding dog daycare into your budget so your furry family members can enjoy their time playing while your home is on the market. Many local dog boarding and daycare facilities offer bulk days at a discount that you can use later if needed.


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