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April 14, 2021

Spend Now or Save For Later? Finding the Right Balance in 2021

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Balancing spending and saving can be a challenge, so how can you be sure you are making the right decisions and avoiding regret in the process? Thankfully, the financial decisions you face are not new to Heath Burch, Director of Wealth Management by CommunityAmerica, and Matt Johnson, Vice President of Marketing for CommunityAmerica Credit Union. Through Wealth Management by CommunityAmerica, Heath and his team of Wealth Advisors have guided both those who are just starting out on their financial journey, and those who are living deep into their retirement years. They’ve had a close-up view as they’ve helped families navigate making decisions to balance the now, the future and the unexpected financial decisions.


In our latest episode, Matt and Heath provide you with a perspective you can relate to and Health walks through the steps to create a financial plan that balances the long-term with the short-term. You’ll discover that you’re not alone, yet everyone is unique in creating a plan that works best for them. Listen today and begin your journey to creating financial balance.

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