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May 06, 2021

Summer Shopping Tips to Keep You From Breaking the Bank

Money-Saving Tips

It’s time for the seasonal deals round-up. As restrictions are being lifted, kids are getting out of school, vacations are being planned, and party and backyard invites begin swirling – you might start feeling the stress of all of the spending that comes along with the summer months. If you are anything like me, those endless summer plans have your bank account feeling the heat and you are looking for any space possible to save a little extra cash. Here are some summer shopping tips to help keep you from breaking the bank.

Buy Swimwear Early

Winter has been mentioned as the best time of year for swim shopping, since everything is useless until the following year, but it is not always possible to know what you’ll need for next season. This is especially true for families with growing kids. It is impossible to tell what size they might need by the time you hit the water next. Luckily, late May and early June are also a great time to buy new swimwear. For example, Walmart and Target have tons of cute, trendy swimsuits on sale right now for very cheap. You can also check out the hundreds of online shops and boutiques that offer weekly deals and specials. Standing right at the edge of swimming pool season, you’ll most likely see a lot of swim-gear deals to dive into anywhere you shop.

Party Supplies

We have a lot of making up to do after last summer was basically canceled due to the pandemic, so there is a good change you might see more party invites come through than ever before. Between graduation parties, weddings, holidays, and neighborhood get-togethers, there is no limit to the amount of paper plates and decorations you may need this summer. This time of year, these supplies are in high demand and so are the deals that go with them. If you find yourself needing a ton of party supplies this summer, shop around to make sure you are finding the best deals. Big name stores such as Party City might have everything you need, but their items can be a bit pricy. Dollar Tree is my favorite store when it comes to finding party supplies such as tablecloths, balloons, and party favors for cheap. Walmart also has their summer selection out in full force with everything you might need. Think about what you have coming up these summer months and stock up on any and all party supplies – it is usually cheaper to buy in bulk anyway!

Shop Holiday Sales

The summer months are full of plenty of holidays that will bring on big bargain opportunities. Memorial Day sales typically offer great discounts for mattresses, appliances, and furniture. In June, Father’s Day sales are your chance to get lower cost tools and lawn supplies. These holidays are also big for grocery stores who will offer discounts on summer foods, grill supplies, and snacks! Whatever the holiday may be, there is probably a sale somewhere to celebrate it. If you know there is a big holiday coming up, be sure to shop around before making that next purchase.


As a kid, summer was all about being out of school and having fun – but as an adult, we are much more aware of how much planning and money goes into these breaks. Taking advantage of these few tips can help save you some money in the long run. Shop around for deals on swim-gear and party supplies and hunt down those holiday sales to keep your bank account out of hot water this summer!

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