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June 10, 2021

Fun and Memorable Father’s Day Ideas

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Father’s Day is just around the corner, so it is time we start planning how we are going to celebrate all of the special dads in our lives! If you read my blog regularly, you know I truly value an experience over a material gift – which is why that is my go-to for any gift giving situation. I said the same thing for Mother’s Day, but it definitely goes for Father’s Day as well – all we want for the holiday is to spend quality time with the family. This can be done without breaking the bank, as there are plenty of dad-friendly experiences for every budget. Pay attention to all of those fun things he mentions throughout the year, and make one happen for that special man in your life this Father’s Day!

Does he like to cook? Set aside some time, gather the family, and play chef for a meal – or even the day. Help him make his favorite dish or an elaborate recipe that is a labor of love. Homemade pizzas are a staple in our house because everyone can get creative with their own pizza pies!

Does he fish? If you have a dusty tackle box and some rods laying around in the garage – clean them up, buy some bait, and surprise your dad with a day on the lake. If you have never fished, let him teach you as this is sure to be the highlight of his day. You could also get him a fly-fishing lesson!

Does he golf? It might not be your cup of tea but humor him for once by joining in on his favorite pass-time. Rent some clubs and head out on the course for a short 9 holes, or even the whole 18! You will probably have the best talk you have had in years and come home with a funny story or two.

Does he have baseball fever? Surprise him with Kansas City Royals or Monarchs tickets and a tailgate barbecue with your friends and family. Make him a star for the day and deliver his favorite ballpark treats to his seat!

Is he a beer fan? Take him on a tour of Boulevard Brewing Co., help him craft a custom ale of his own, or just grab him his favorite six pack and enjoy the nice weather and some quality time together. Other local distilleries and vineyards offer affordable outings, as well.

Is he an adventurer? Take him zip lining and axe throwing in Swope Park or visit Worlds and Oceans of Fun for the day! He’ll never forget the adrenaline-filled day you arranged.

Does he play cards? Contact his friends and family and host a surprise poker tournament for him. All you need is snacks, a few folding tables, and some poker chips. And no, you don’t have to let him win!

Is he artistic? Treat him to one of the many painting classes around the city or purchase a couple of canvases and sketchpads and head out to a beautiful spot with the family. Then, buy some simple frames to preserve your memories of the day.

No matter what the dad in your life enjoys, make sure your experiential gift includes lots of face time with his favorite people – his kids. As long as he can spend time with you all, he is sure to like this more than the traditional tie, coffee mug, or t-shirt! After all, a day full of laughter will never end up at the bottom of a laundry hamper.
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