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December 17, 2021

Debunking Financial Planning Myths

At Wealth Management by CommunityAmerica, our goal is to help you reach yours. Whether you’re well on your way to retirement or just getting started on your financial journey, we're here to be your guide in creating both short- and long-term plans to achieve financial peace of mind.

In working with our members, we've come across a few common financial planning myths that may be holding people back from reaching their full potential. See what our Wealth Advisors have to say to help you better understand the importance of working with a trusted partner to create a personalized financial plan.

Myth 1: You Have to Be Wealthy to Have an Advisor

No matter how big or small your financial goals are, we're here to help you build a plan to reach them. We believe financial peace of mind is for everyone, and you don’t have to have reached any certain level of wealth to work with a financial advisor. We understand that wealth is not just defined in monetary values, and we’re here to help no matter where you are on your financial journey.

Myth 2: I Can Do It Myself

While there are many decisions you can and should make for yourself financially, it's beneficial to have a trusted advisor as your guide to navigate life's twists and turns. You can rely on our Wealth Advisors to take the emotion out of the decision-making process by providing expertise and offering a unique perspective to help you see the bigger picture.

Myth 3: All Planners/Firms Are The Same

While there are likely to be some similarities in how firms and advisors work, there will also be elements that are very different. At the center of our Wealth Management practice is a focus on you, the member. Our financial planning services are relationship-driven, as we understand the importance of building trust and working collaboratively to develop plan for what's important to you and your family.

Myth 4: Financial Planning Is a One-Time Event

Planning for your financial future is not something where 'set it and forget it' applies. Your financial needs today might differ from your financial needs a year from now. Or 10 years from now. Financial planning is an ongoing process, and our Wealth Advisors are here to help every step of the way to develop a comprehensive plan that addresses any changes life throws your way.

Myth 5: Investing and Financial Planning Are the Same Thing

While investing can certainly be a strategy employed during the financial planning process, the two concepts are quite different. Investing focuses on helping someone grow their money, but financial planning is more interested in the why behind that desire. Whether its retirement planning, estate planning, college savings or, of course, investing, we can help you determine the course to best meet your needs.
If you have any other questions about financial planning, get in touch with one of our Wealth Advisors. They'd be happy to chat with you about your financial situation and help you create a plan to help you achieve financial peace of mind.
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