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April 25, 2022

4 Easy Ways to Make Your Business More Sustainable

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The CommunityAmerica Insurance Agency strives to be a leader in all that we do, and that starts with our firm commitment to sustainable business practices. We are proud to be economically viable, socially responsible and environmentally friendly. Telling people you are a sustainable business is easy, but the hard part is doing the work to back it up. We turn our words into actions by working with and supporting local sustainability organizations like the Missouri Stream Team, Ranchland Trust of Kansas, and Bridging the Gap.

With Earth Day taking place earlier this month, we thought we would share four easy ways to make your business more sustainable.

1. Partner with a Non-Profit

An employee being tasked with creating a sustainable business plan for an organization can become overwhelmed very quickly. A great way to ease some of the stress of creating this plan is to start by finding partners with local nonprofit organizations. Many organizations will have the necessary experience to help support, offer guidance and make an impact while you are getting started.

2. Educate Employees

The businesses with the most impactful sustainability initiatives are successful because they educate their employees about sustainability issues and actively include them in the process. This can help encourage them to find their place in your organization’s sustainability initiative and teach others these valuable practices.

3. Encourage Volunteerism

Another simple, and very well-respected, way to involve your employees is to take steps that encourage volunteerism. You can do this by setting up team-building volunteer opportunities, bringing in guest speakers to talk about their organizations or providing paid time off for employees and encouraging them to volunteer.

4. Rethink Your Supply Chains

Revisit where you purchase your everyday products and materials for your business. Embrace sustainability by sourcing materials responsibly, making financially responsible decisions, reducing consumption of natural resources and reducing carbon emissions.

It is our responsibility to be as environmentally, ethically, philanthropically and economically responsible as possible. Thank you to our intern, Chi’Ane, for helping us craft this blog and share our mission of being a sustainable business. Learn more on how the CommunityAmerica Insurance Agency works to provide service built on sustainability.
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