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July 21, 2022

What to Know About Tree Damage and Homeowner’s Insurance

Kansas and Missouri storms are no joke! There is a good chance you might have seen an uprooted tree or broken limb on the side of the road after our last severe storm. When it comes to your property, trees, and homeowner’s insurance, there are a few factors to keep in mind as stormy weather blows through.

1. A Dead Tree Can Become Costly Deadweight

Whether it is a city official, the homeowner’s association, or a neighbor, if a property owner has been put on notice about a dead tree or limb located on their land, their financial and legal responsibility for damage caused by that tree can significantly increase. Good property maintenance, like removing dead trees and branches, can help homeowners avoid precarious and costly situations following storms.

2. Your House, Their Tree, Whose Insurance?

It does not matter whose tree causes damage to a home, if a structure is damaged by a fallen tree or branch, the insurance policy covering the damaged property will likely be used to help cover the cost. Because financial responsibility can get murky when it comes to “neglected” dead or compromised trees and limbs, open dialogue with neighbors and, in some cases, written and dated communication about the vitality of surrounding trees can be a wise practice.

3. Small Claims Can Cause Long-Term Pains

If a branch, downed by severe weather, causes a few hundred dollars in damage to a fence, it is prudent to talk to your agent about the long-term effects of submitting a claim. Repeated small claims can trigger an increase in your premium that may outweigh the cost of repairing the damage yourself.

Your home is your biggest investment and making sure it’s properly protected is important to having financial peace of mind. The CommunityAmerica Insurance Agency can help ensure your home sweet home is well covered. Our friendly Insurance Agents, who are located right here in Kansas City, can help you find the right homeowners insurance policy for your family, at an affordable price.
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