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Marriage: Finances Through Life Stages
March 19, 2024

Podcast: Managing Finances Together as a Couple

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When two individuals come together to join their lives as one, it’s a huge milestone, and comes with a lot of unknowns. What shouldn’t be unknown is how your marriage will affect your finances.


As an individual and as a couple, there are financial decisions to prepare for, and ongoing financial considerations to keep in mind throughout your marriage. As you embark on building your life together, including transparency, compromise, and openness to including a third party in your financial planning can be tremendously helpful to establishing your financial balance together.


Wealth Management by CommunityAmerica Wealth Advisor, Taylor Ahern, and CommunityAmerica Financial Well-Being Coach, Ryan Steitz, discuss financial strategies to consider when getting married. Learn about budgeting and instilling smart investing habits in the Community Conversation podcast. Listen in at the link below.


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Ryan Steitz
Ryan Steitz

Financial Well-Being Coach

As a Financial Well-Being Coach, Ryan understands the positive impact of financial literacy, which is why he thoroughly enjoys helping members set and achieve their life financial goals.

About the Author
taylor ahern
Taylor Ahern

Wealth Management by CommunityAmerica

Taylor Ahern, MBA, enjoys working with individuals and families on their financial plans to help them achieve financial peace of mind.