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Budget Matters

You work hard and spend a lot of time trying to save money with tactics such as clipping coupons and comparison-shopping.

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Here Comes Financial Planning Month. Do Something!

“Most people don't plan to fail; they fail to plan.”

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Your money and your life

Want to make some sound investments in preventing potentially huge expenditures down the road? I’m talking about investments with a low upfront cost and a return that saves substantial dollars – and a lot more.

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Saving 101

Every once in awhile, it’s good to go back to square one and review the basics. One topic that I think needs to be revisited from time to time is the concept of “saving” – and how the word is so often misused.

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Ready for sweater season…

I love fall! Last year at this time, I shared one of my favorite recipes and am sure to share more faves this year.

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Ready for Rainy Season?

The question that really matters isn’t whether you have a “rainy day fund” set aside for financial emergencies. Rather it’s, do you have enough to handle a true downpour, or just a little sprinkle?

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Making the Most of Money Lessons

As a parent, one thing that keeps me up at night is how to reward my kids without them expecting it.

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Be Financially Fresh

As a working mom of three, I know first-hand the planning it takes to prepare healthy and budget-friendly meals for a family.

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Get a Jump on the Taxman

Now that the tax deadline is behind us, you could take a nice, long break from the bookkeeping. Or, you can buckle down and make sure things turn out better next time.

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The Rising Costs of 2011: What You Need to Know

Like most Americans, the Grothaus household pledged to “Save in 2011.” It was a great plan and a realistic one, too. But here we are in March, and our savings plan is in need of some significant adjustments thanks to the rising costs of everyday basic items a family of five needs.

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