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Saving on Wedding Gifts

October has become one of the most popular months to get married. And really, what’s not to love – gorgeous fall weather, great outdoor pictures, etc. And I know most people love weddings, but don’t necessarily love paying for that expensive wedding gift, especially when we’re nearing the holiday shopping season.

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Sports Savings Homerun!

Most of you know that my oldest, Cael, is into sports. From baseball to football to wrestling, we’re always racing from one practice to another game to the store to pick up new gear or supplies. It is exhausting…and can be expensive.

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Holy Halloween

Although we’ve been tempted by the Halloween candy in the stores for weeks now, Halloween month if officially here! Scary, huh? (Pun intended!) 

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Remembering (and Saving for) the Forgotten Tax

I'll never forget the first Christmas my husband and I were married. We received a nice cash gift but before we could even figure out what to do with it, we got a rude reminder of how we would have to spend it. Our property taxes were due less than a week later!

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Crazy Week; Food Mania

I keep thinking things will slow down, but it seems like things keep speeding up for the Grothaus family. We have something going on just about every night this week. Normally I’d be stressing about meals and planning ahead to make sure to avoid the drive-thru, but not this week! 

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Childcare Costs How Much?

The other day I overheard a member explain how much it costs her and her husband to send their daughter to a private elementary school.

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Teaching, Talking About Money Is Worth the Time

Why is it that some people seem to always have money problems and others never do?

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Dreams Can Come True, One Pay-Day at a Time

Did you know today is Dream Day, commemorating the day Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech on the National Mall in 1963?

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The Long and Short of Short Sales and Foreclosures

The current real estate market is favorable to buyers—very favorable. In fact, my husband and I have even considered getting back in the game, even though we love our current home. And it doesn’t hurt that interest rates have consistently been at 4 percent and lower for what seems like forever.

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Travel Safe, Travel Smart

Labor Day is only a couple weeks away. In our family, we always say farewell to summer with a trip somewhere. It's our last chance to get away until Thanksgiving, and we want to take every opportunity for longer vacations before baby Jack is in school!

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