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Beautify your yard...on a budget

Clearly spring has sprung. You may be paying someone to mow your yard every weekend and you may be paying someone else to update your landscaping by mulching and planting. And you may be watching the money go out of your wallet just as quickly as it came in. Not fun, huh?

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All Grown Up and In Debt

For many young people, one of the most exciting times of their lives is just around the corner – college graduation. What kind of financial advice (besides - get a job) can parents offer at this time when most people are truly starting out on their own? I have three pieces of financial wisdom for all those parents out there.  

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Spring Cleaning Your Finances

It’s the first day of spring, so it’s time to start cleaning and organizing your financial lives. Have you kept those New Year’s resolutions to control spending, stick to a budget and clean up debt? Or did those good intentions yield to bad habits?

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St. Pat’s Weekend Activities

Top o’ the morning to ya! Can you believe St. Patrick’s Day is tomorrow? I love when this holiday falls on a weekend because there is SO much to do in Kansas City.

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Driving Miss Frugal

Few things in modern life are as necessary – and as financially draining – as transportation. Buying a vehicle, insuring it, fueling it, maintaining it – “it” adds up. But every expense is an opportunity to look for savings, and there are ways to shave dollars without running into a ditch.

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Saving the MOST for college

Here’s an eye-opening stat for you. The average four-year college education at a public university costs approximately $20,000 per year. You didn’t read that incorrectly. I didn’t type in too many zeros. College is expensive and there’s no other way to slice it.

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Set a President

That’s right, President, not precedent. As in Washington and Lincoln – and Jackson, too.

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Time to start "making" some changes

This week, we broke down all of our expenses and took a closer look at what we are really spending our money on.

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I’ve never been shy about the fact that I love to cook. And I love to cook even more in the fall because it’s such a great time for hearty AND healthy meals.

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Avoiding Financial Fright

The scariest thing about Halloween anymore just might be the tab. Costumes for children – and adults – are becoming more elaborate and expensive. Add in decorations, treats, and parties and you can really blow a hole in your budget if you aren’t careful.

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