March 23, 2022

CommunityAmerica CEO Lisa Ginter Receives Gold Leadership Award

Earlier today, CommunityAmerica Credit Union CEO Lisa Ginter received the Gold Leadership Award, Junior Achievement’s top volunteer leadership award. Ginter was selected as one of 10 recipients from the tens of thousands of Junior Achievement volunteers.


“Financial literacy is a part of who we are and it’s very important to me that kids are given opportunities to get them on a path to thrive at an early age,” said Ginter. “Junior Achievement is a natural partner for CommunityAmerica because our missions of helping others are so similar. They truly care about children and their futures, and I’m incredibly honored to work with them to help children all around Kansas City.”


“Lisa is an incredible champion and believer of Junior Achievement’s mission,” said Megan Sturges Stanfield, Junior Achievement of Greater Kansas City’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “We are honored to celebrate her leadership and unwavering commitment to ensuring Kansas City kids have financial peace of mind and access to tools, mentors, and quality education to make that possible.”


Junior Achievement’s Gold Leadership Award honors volunteer excellence, presented in recognition of leadership in supporting and expanding Junior Achievement’s student impact, resources, operational excellence and sustainability.


Since 2005, CommunityAmerica has been investing in Junior Achievement of Greater Kansas City, impacting over 6,000 students across the K-12 academic journey, providing over 45,000 hours of instruction and learning. In July 2019, CommunityAmerica and the CommunityAmerica Foundation made the largest philanthropic gift in their history by donating $1,000,000 to Junior Achievement of Greater Kansas City to open the Youth Learning Lab and welcome students to JA BizTown, where CommunityAmerica serves as the title sponsor and exclusive banking partner.


A national ceremony occurred over Zoom, and the local ceremony took place at the CommunityAmerica storefront of JA BizTown at Junior Achievement of Greater Kansas City this morning.


About CommunityAmerica Credit Union:


CommunityAmerica Credit Union is a full-service financial institution with more than 260,000 member-owners nationwide and more than $4.5 billion in assets, ranking it among the nation’s 100 largest credit unions. Based on deposits, CommunityAmerica is among the top 10 Kansas City-based financial institutions and the #1 ‘Best Place to Work’ in Kansas City, named by the Kansas City Business Journal in 2020. In 2021, CommunityAmerica returned over $9 million to their members through their unique Profit Payout Program. There are more than 30 CommunityAmerica branches in the greater Kansas City metro area, and one in St. Louis.


CommunityAmerica serves individuals and businesses, providing a full suite of financial products and services ranging from checking and savings to a variety of loan products to commercial banking. They also offer wealth management, retirement planning, private banking and insurance. CommunityAmerica is among the top mortgage providers in Kansas City based on loan volume. Its commitment to state-of-the-art technology enables a seamless banking experience for members, whether banking in branches or remotely. As a not-for-profit financial institution, CommunityAmerica offers highly competitive rates on deposits, loans and fees with fewer, lower or none at all. Other convenient products and services include Sunday hours, a network of more than 30,000 ATMs, 24-hour online banking and a top-rated mobile banking app. Want to become a member? You simply need to live in the Kansas City metropolitan area or have family members who do.


About Junior Achievement of Greater Kansas City:


Junior Achievement of Greater Kansas City transforms the educational ecosystem by preparing youth for post-secondary success; inspires an entrepreneurial mindset and increases economic growth by helping students develop the necessary 21st century job skills to succeed in a chosen career to achieve economic mobility. With the support of business and community volunteers, serving as role models, JA youth have the support needed to maximize their experience and connect lessons to life beyond the classroom.


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