Contactless "Tap to Pay" Transactions

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Introducing Tap to Pay

CommunityAmerica's contactless "Tap to Pay" debit and credit cards make transactions secure and convenient.

Each CommunityAmerica debit and credit card is equipped with contactless technology to help speed up and secure your transactions. A contactless transaction creates a one-time code made up of a complex algorithm to accompany your payment information, helping to prevent fraud. When you tap to pay, this code is automatically transmitted with your account number. Your name, billing address and card verification code aren’t transmitted. Tap to pay cards will still work in the traditional manner by swiping or inserting the chip.  

Point-of-Sale terminals that accept tap to pay transactions will show the below contactless symbol, similar to a Wi-Fi symbol with four curved lines getting bigger from left to right.


Benefits of Contactless Payment



Contactless cards are currently among the safest forms of payment. It's difficult for a hacker to steal your card information.



Contactless payments take seconds to complete, are faster than inserting a chip and are safer than swiping or paying with cash.


Using your contactless card to make a payment allows you to avoid interaction with high-touch point-of-sale terminals.

How to Use Your Contactless Card

Contactless Tap to Pay Icon


Look for the symbol above on the point-of-sale terminal.
CommunityAmerica Card Icon


Tap your card on the front of the point-of-sale terminal.
Stopwatch with a Dollar Sign in the Middle Icon


Your payment is securely processed in seconds.