Profit Payout Disclosure

Profit Payout dividend is discretionary and approved annually by CommunityAmerica’s Board of Directors. Amounts advertised are representative of actual dividends paid in 2019. Dividend is not guaranteed and amounts may vary based on membership engagement level. Not everyone receives a dividend and member must be in good standing and meet other criteria on processing date to qualify. Dividends are reported to IRS and a 1099 form will be issued at year-end. Any applicable taxes are the responsibility of recipient.

Who is eligible?

All members in good standing and who have qualified products in at least three of the six categories for the full calendar year. Profit Payout would be pro-rated for accounts opened less than one year.

What are the six categories for eligibility?

  1.  Save – Savings, CD & Money Market (minimum combine balance of $1,000)
  2.  Spend – Checking & Credit Card (requires 7 transactions a month)
  3.  Manage – Online Banking, Mobile App and Direct Deposit
  4.  Borrow – Vehicle, Personal & Secured Loans
  5.  Live – Mortgage & Home Equity
  6.  Invest – Investments, IRA & Insurance (minimum IRA balance > $100)

The higher your balances, loan or deposits in the above six product categories, the greater your Profit Payout potential. 

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