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January 24, 2023

Finding the Right Checking Account for You

Banking Basics

Checking accounts come in all shapes and sizes. From your basic no-frill accounts to cash back checking accounts with all the bells and whistles, choosing the right fit isn’t as simple as stopping by your nearest financial institution. It’s important to do your research to ensure you find an account that will help you meet your financial goals. Here are some things to consider when finding the right checking account for you.


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When searching for a checking account, it’s important to remember that not every account is suited for every customer. From benefits and activity requirements to charges and fees – every checking account is different. Be sure to keep your goals top of mind and do your research to understand the basics of checking accounts in order to find the account best suited for your specific financial situation.


Consider these questions when deciding which checking account is right for you:


  • Monthly Service Fee
    • Is there a monthly service fee associated with the account? Are there requirements I must meet to avoid the monthly service fee?
  • Direct Deposit
    • Does this account allow Direct Deposit? Is it required? Will I be charged a fee for not utilizing it?
  • Minimum Balance
    • Is there a minimum balance required with this account? What fees will I be charged if I go below this minimum balance?
  • Account Accessibility
    • What Online Banking or Mobile App options do you have? Where are your branch locations? Does this financial institution have locations near my home or office?
  • ATMs
    • Is there a fee to use ATMs? How big is your network of ATMs?
  • Transactions
    • Is there a minimum/maximum number of transactions allowed within a certain time period on this account?
  • Statements
    • Is there a fee to receive paper statements? What are your options for electronic statements?
  • Rewards and Cash Back
    • Does this account reward me? Is there a cash back or reward point opportunity connected to this checking account based on how much I spend?
  • Interest
    • Does this account earn interest? What requirements must I meet to earn interest?

Consider CommunityAmerica Checking Accounts


At CommunityAmerica, we know that your needs and wants in a checking account will be different depending on your financial situation. That’s why we strive to offer a variety of checking options to fit for your specific situation.


Check out our member-favorite checking accounts:


  • Chiefs Checking1
    • As the Exclusive Banking Partner of the Kansas City Chiefs, we want to give all of Kansas City the opportunity to bank like a champion. Chiefs Checking gives you access to our exclusive Visa® Chiefs debit card, 1% cash back on the first $500 of monthly purchases when meeting certain activity requirements, 15% off at Arrowhead Stadium’s Chiefs Pro Shop, 15% off purchases on shop.chiefs.com, no monthly service fee, and no minimum balance requirement!
  • Cashback Free Checking1
    • It’s one-of-a-kind in Kansas City: a checking account that pays you back when you use it. So, go ahead and treat yourself, you’ve earned it. On top of the 1% cash back you can earn on the first $500 of monthly purchases when meeting certain activity requirements, you’ll receive other perks such as a free Visa® debit card upon account opening, no monthly service fee, and no minimum balance requirement.
  • Free Checking
    • This no-hassle, no-cost checking account offers ultimate flexibility and a variety of benefits, including a free Visa® debit card upon account opening, no monthly service fee, and no minimum balance requirement.
  • Student Checking
    • Start your student’s financial future on the right foot with a checking account created specifically for high school and college-aged young adults. Similar to our other accounts, Student Checking offers a free Visa® debit card upon account opening, no minimum balance requirement, and no monthly service fee. Plus, all Student Checking holders will receive their first set of checks for free.

When opening any of these accounts, you’ll be able to manage your finances on your own time with our robust Online Banking platform and Mobile App. Plus, you’ll gain access to over 30,000 fee-free ATMs nationwide as part of the Credit Union Co-Op Network.


Finding the right checking account for your specific financial needs is no easy task. Be sure to compare what’s out there – and read the fine print before making any decisions. If you have any questions on the fees you may encounter when doing business with CommunityAmerica, or maybe you’d like to learn more about what CommunityAmerica has to offer in general, please visit your nearest branch or give us a call at 913.905.7000.

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