Money Management

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A Visual Way to Manage Your Money

Now there’s an easier, more interactive way to manage your finances. Money Management helps you make smarter financial decisions by aggregating all of your accounts — at CommunityAmerica and elsewhere — in one convenient location in Online Banking. Simply log in to check it out. Not enrolled in Online Banking? It’s super quick.

Keep Your Finances Organized

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See all of your accounts, including ones at other financial institutions, in one handy snapshot.
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Vibrant interactive charts help you visually understand and follow the health of your budgets.
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Track your spending trends and habits over time to see where and how you spend your money.

Money Management Features

Interactive budget bubbles to you on track.

Automatic Categorization

Money Management automatically categorizes your transactions for you. However, it also gives you the flexibility to assign a transaction to a different or custom category and will learn from your categorizations over time. You can also manage tax deductible transactions throughout the year, then filter for easy access during tax season.

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