A Major Upgrade to Our Online & Mobile Banking

Your Better Online Banking Experience Has Arrived

We've opened two new remodeled and redesigned branches — one in your living room and one in the palm of your hand. Our online banking received a significant upgrade, and we're happy to make you a part of it.

Our mobile banking capabilities have expanded. Now, you can do almost everything on your mobile device that you can do on your desktop computer with our mobile web site and mobile app. Explore the new possibilities. They’re pretty exciting, and we’re very excited to bring them to you.




Bill Pay: Desktop and Mobile Payments

Now you can pay bills wherever and whenever the need arises. You’re not locked to your desktop anymore. With our new mobile website and mobile apps, you can track your monthly balances and payment history on all of the payees you’ve set up in your online banking account. Most importantly, you can also schedule payments or pay on the go. Complete details here.

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Text-Based Banking: On-the-Go Account Access



Need to know your account balance on your CommunityAmerica checking account? What about the balance on all of your accounts? That and much more is possible when you have an SMS-enabled mobile phone. With a simple text, you can check your balances, get the amounts of your last five transactions and even transfer funds between accounts. You can also receive regularly scheduled texts on your weekly balances and get alerts for low balances, large deposits and high payments. And if you don’t want any of these? You can easily un-enroll at any time.

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External Funds Transfer: Between Accounts and to Your Friends


Transferring money from one account to an external one was never easy. And without cash or writing a check, it was almost impossible to split expenses with friends and coworkers. Now it’s easier than ever. With our new online and mobile banking, you can easily transfer funds from your CommunityAmerica accounts to other financial accounts—whether that’s with CommunityAmerica or another financial institution. And because we’ve partnered with Popmoney®, you can securely send money to other people with just an email address or a cell phone number. Complete details here.

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Purchase Rewards: Personalized Cash-Back Offers


We’ve teamed up with some of the biggest names in shopping and dining to offer you cash back on everyday purchases. Simply visit our partners in-store or online. When you pay with your CommunityAmerica debit card, you’ll get cash deposited into your account on the next month’s statement. It’s safe and none of your information is ever shared.

So what do you need to do for these offers? Nothing that you don’t already do. It’s easy. You simply use your debit card, and we’ll send you offers based on where you shop. Every month, you’ll get an average of seven cash-back offers, with more during the holidays. Look for them and save big at your favorite retailers and restaurants. Complete details here.

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Mobile Check Deposit: Money into Your Account from Anywhere

Now you can deposit a check from the comfort of your own couch. With the CommunityAmerica mobile app and a smartphone camera, you can easily deposit checks right into your credit union accounts. It’s our convenient new service that provides quicker access to your funds without the need for you to make a special trip to a branch, to an ATM or to the mailbox. Complete details here.

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Personal Financial Management Tools 

Quicken,® QuickBooks®, TurboTax® and FinanceWorks

Keeping track of your personal finances just got a lot easier with the integration of Quicken, QuickBooks and TurboTax in your CommunityAmerica online experience. When it comes to Quicken and QuickBooks, you’ll never need to input your account information into either program again. With the new site, you’ll have two ways to get your account information into your software. You can export account information as Quicken or QuickBook files that can then easily be imported into either program. Or you can perform a one-time set up to have Quicken or QuickBooks automatically and securely access your CommunityAmerica account information and download it straight into the program.

The same is true for your tax information when you use TurboTax. Much of the information you need for your taxes will autofill into your tax forms right from your CommunityAmerica account. You’ll have access to tax tools year-round to keep everything easy and up-to-date before you file. And when you do file, a secure data transfer sends your information directly to the correct state and federal agencies. Plus, if you’re receiving a refund, it will go directly into your account. You’ll even get 15% off of your federal tax filings.

Our online banking platform also features FinanceWorks, a free personal financial management tool that consolidates your information into a single snapshot. With FinanceWorks, you can view balances, categorize transactions, analyze trends and establish savings and spending goals in order to make smarter financial decisions.  

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